On Writing for Yourself

Ever wondered why so many of us keep a journal? What is it about its privacy that makes us open up and reach our deepest depths? A simple answer is that there are no rules to writing a journal, no forms to follow, no other readers, just us sitting with our thoughts. But it hardly explains why journaling goes beyond being a mere habit to become a relationship of a lifetime.

Distinct from writing in a planner, or a diary, journaling is known to be a practice that has therapeutic effects on our minds. Journal writing is the art of self-exploration, where we hit the walls that we never knew were there, uncover anxieties we hid away, rekindle joys by cuddling with moments lost in time. Whatever we may start with, a thought, a memory or simply writing down the day, we are bound to unfold new avenues to explore, to be more with our words.

Above all, a journal is a journey not born out of a need, but a desire to express that all of us share. So if you’ve wondered about keeping a journal, we encourage you to go ahead, explore yourselves